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Commerce Full Course Notes

Comprehensive notes for Commerce Class 11 covering all subjects including Accounts, Statistics, Micro Economics and Business Studies to help students ace their exams.

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Saarthi For Class 12th- Commerce course is designed to provide comprehensive study material and guidance for students in the commerce stream at the 12th-grade level.

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Enrolling in this Batch for my Class 11 Commerce studies has been a game-changer for me. The comprehensive study materials, coupled with the regular assessments, have helped me stay on track with my syllabus. I feel more confident and well-prepared for my board exams now

Neha Tekchandani

I feel fortunate to have Gaurav Sir as my teacher for Class 12 Commerce. His patient demeanour and willingness to address every doubt ensure that no student is left behind. He is truly an asset to our academic journey

Khushboo Kanwar

Studying Commerce subjects online with Gaurav sir has been a game-changer for me. The flexibility of scheduling classes and the ability to revisit recorded sessions have been immensely helpful, especially during exam preparation.

Anaya Gadwal

I can confidently say that enrolling in this batch for my Class 11 Commerce studies was one of the best decisions I've made. The structured curriculum, coupled with the constant support from instructors, has not only improved my grades but also my overall understanding of Commerce concepts

Tanvi Rathore

Gaurav Sir is not just a teacher but a mentor who genuinely cares about the success of his students. His unwavering support and encouragement have motivated me to strive for excellence in my Class 12 Commerce studies

Aakash jain

Gaurav Sir's teaching instills confidence in his students. His structured approach and effective communication skills make even the most challenging topics in Class 12 Commerce accessible and easy to grasp

Yuvraj Gupta

As a parent, I'm truly impressed by Gaurav sir the way he teach has transformed my child's learning experience. The personalized attention provided by the instructors coupled with the innovative teaching methods have significantly improved my child's performance in Class 12 Commerce.

Rahul Maheshwari

Gaurav Sir's commitment to his students is unmatched. He invests time in understanding each student's strengths and weaknesses, providing personalized guidance to help us excel in our Class 12 Commerce studies

Garvit Ajmera

Ha Ji Baalak NAMASKAR!