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Infrastructure In India MCQ

 Infrastructure In India

Q1. The structure which contributes directly to the economic process within the
     system of production and distribution is known as

(a) Social infrastructure

(b) Political infrastructure

(c) Technological infrastructure

(d) Economic infrastructure

Ans. (d)

Q2. Which of the given statement(s) explain the relevance of infrastructure?

(a) Modern agriculture is highly dependent on infrastructural facilities

(b) Infrastructure helps in increasing productivity of things of production

(c) It helps in improving quality of life of people

(d) All of the above

Ans. (d) All of the above

3. Which of the following statements is incorrect with regards to infrastructure?

(a) Infrastructure contributes to economic development.

(b) Infrastructure provides support service.

(c) All infrastructural facilities have an immediate  impact on the production of goods and services.

(d) Inadequate infrastructure will have multiple adverse effects on health.

Ans. (c) 

Q4. which  of the subsequent programmes was launched in 2006 with the target of

    correcting regional imbalances in provision of healthcare?

(a) Pradhan Mantri Swasthya Suraksha Yojana

(b) National Rural Health Mission

(c) Janani Suraksha Yojna

(d) Integrated Disease Surveillance

Ans. (a) 

Q5. Indian system of medicine comprises of ...... systems.

(a) three

(b) four

(c) five

(d) six

Ans. (d) 

Q6. Which of the following statements is/are correct?

(a) Social infrastructure directly contributes in the production activities.

(b) 'Jail Cost of Living'index was introduced by Amartya Sen.

(c) Poverty line of rural areas has been set below poverty line of urban areas.

(d) India's infant mortality rate is higher than that of Bangladesh

Ans. (d) 

Q7. Health infrastructure includes......

(a) nurses

(b) pharmaceutical industries

(c) doctors

(d) All of these

Ans. (d) 

 Q10. which of the subsequent comes below the scope of primary aid system in India?

of the following comes under the purview of primary healthcare system in India?

(a) immunization, correct nutrition and health education

(b) Surgery, analysis and specialised aid

(c) X-rays and ECG

(d) All of the above

Ans. (a).

Q11. Vaccination, proper diet, promotion of food supply sanitation, maternal and

         child healthcare, provision of essential drugs, etc. health services are

         Provided by .............. in India.

(a) primary healthcare system

(b) secondary healthcare system

(c) tertiary healthcare system

(d) All of the above

Ans. (a)

Q12. Morbidity is defined as ......

(a) proneness to fall ill

(b) high infant mortality rate

(c) high maternal mortality rate

(d) low life expectancy rate


Q13. Which of the following is not a function of primary health care?

(a) Spreading education concerning prevailing health problems

(b) Promoting food supply and proper nutrition

(c) Conducting research

(d) Providing essential drugs

Ans. (c) 

Q14. Which of the given state is not lagging behind in terms of healthcare system?

(a) Kerala

(b) Bihar

(c) Uttar Pradesh

(d) Madhya Pradesh

Ans. (a)

Q15. Which plan is to provide at least one community health worker for every village

         at a norm of 1,000 population?

(a) JSY

(b) National Health Programme

(c) NRHM

(d) IDPS

Ans. (a) 

Q16. AYUSH is a part of Indian systems of medicine. It does not include .....

(a) Allopathy

(b) Naturopathy

(c) Homeopathy

(d) Ayurveda

Ans. (a).

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